I work on both commission based pieces and also have items for sale in the Kemble Art Gallery in Durham City centre.

  • PRICING: all work is priced individually based on materials and time spent working. A quote will be provided before any work is started.
  • TIME: every project is different but a estimated time scale will be given at the start. Obviously, wood can spring up surprises such as unforeseen cracks and defects, the buyer will be notified if more time is needed.
  • POSTAGE/DELIVERY/COLLECTION: agreed at the start of a project on a individual basis.
  • AFTER SALES: I will provide details of any additional care that may be needed, for example; some work may be finished in a wax that will need additional coats applied annually.
  • ORDERING: please visit the contact page where you will find the details.

Items For sale:

(Please Contact me to Discuss purchasing, Thank you)

Highland Cow
Horse Book Ends